Oaces are the UK No.1 tribute to the phenomenal five piece rock 'n' roll legends Oasis. Oaces came together after the dust settled on Oasis's career to try and recreate a bit of the illustriousness hedonism and rock 'n' roll history left behind.

With epic songs from each defining album from Oasis's back catalogue, close your eyes and recapture the freshness of Liam's raw indie tones and Noel's swirling guitar riffs down to the finest detail. It's just like being back in the day when the excitement was building and you knew you were listening to the biggest band in the world.

Indistinguishable and very authentic Oaces are just like the real thing. With 13 years of valuable experience between the members you are assured to receive a high quality and polished performance executed to the very last detail.


Bursting onto the tribute scene Oaces are here to stay and claim their place as the top Oasis tribute band around through merit and skill.

Oasis formed in Manchester in the early nineties. They had eight UK number-one singles, eight UK number-one albums and won fifteen NME Awards, nine Q Awards, four MTV Europe Music Awards and six BRIT Awards. Oasis sold an estimated 70 million records worldwide and have provided us with some of the greatest music ever written a soundtrack to our lives.


Oaces look forward to seeing you soon as they build their own rock 'n' roll legacy, history and stories of epic nights and good times.