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Manchester in the Area Event


The Manchester music scene is one of the most influential and famous music scenes in the world producing incredible ever-green music appeal to cross generational audiences.

Manchester in the Area are recreating this with the iconic cult bands from the 80s and 90s Manchester scene. This genre of music attracts audiences spanning generations from 18 – 60 offering music venues a bullet proof night of live music events.

Manchester in the Area is a collaboration between the UK’s top tribute bands including: Stones Roses, The Smiths and Oasis. Manchester in the Area presents tributes to Manchester bands which most are very unlikely to reform, therefore offering access to live experiences money can’t buy.

Manchester in the Area is a great response to the challenges facing the live music scene today. It is a natural step for the tribute phenomena and offers audiences new and exciting collaborations of leading Manchester style tribute bands in one event. For the audiences this offers a festival experience at a traditional live venue.

 What does this offer a venue? 

The economic success of each event is paramount for music venues to maximise the profitability of their music programmes.


Tribute bands have proven commercial good sense, leveraging existing audiences of cult bands.


Combining tribute bands in one event allows for cross-marketing across the integrated like-minded fan base, delivering the following 


 Enhancing the profile of the venue with a more compelling offer.

       Creating a greater appeal to a wider range of music fans in one event.

      Enabling cross-selling band fan base, leading to higher audience number.

        Enhancing the audience experience, with greater appeal than a single band offer,                 

leading to higher audience retention rates.

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 Band Biogs 

Slide Oasis

Are you mad for it?

Slide Oasis are a premier Oasis tribute act, bringing the visceral live shows of Britpop’s biggest band to a venue. Made up of a group of experienced musicians that have graced festival stages. Slide Oasis provide the very best of Liam and Noel’s glory days, with a set packed full of crowd pleasers, guaranteed to create a singalong atmosphere. From Rock n Roll Star and Wonderwall, to Cigarettes & Alcohol and Don’t Look Back In Anger, Slide Oasis will deliver a night to remember.

The Absolute Stone Roses

The Absolute Stone Roses are a Tribute Band to the Manchester legends The Stone Roses. Their aim is to recreate that iconic sound and vibe that you get at a Stone Roses concert and bring it to live audiences all over the Uk and Europe.

The band themselves are big fans with an obvious great love for The Stone Roses and have worked hard to recreate the sound.

Taking advice from an array of experienced Audio Engineers and Producers. The Absolute Stone Roses left no stone unturned in the search for musical perfection in creating a RESURRECTION of the times.

The Absolute Stone Roses play an awesome set of all the best roses material.

Expect to hear all the classics: Waterfall, Made of Stone, Resurrection, I Wanna Be Adored, Fools Gold, Love Spreads and many more.

If you've never seen the real deal or want to re-live your youth, or feel that vibe, then The Absolute Stone Roses will take you on a trip with the attitude and baggy fashion.

The Joneses

“If I was a confused, tortured teenager hearing Panic for the first time, I would burn down a disco, I'd probably assassinate the queen, and I would definitely form a group – called The Joneses."

Morrissey, in Rolling Stone, October 9th, 1986


The Joneses are a unique Smiths tribute band, thriving on The Smiths every-green music, reaching all generations, and the reason the Joneses came together. The band is made up of four passionate individuals, their performance is infectious and changes the hearts and minds of non-Smiths fans through their sheer enthusiasm. The Joneses shows are based on the energy of the Smiths live shows. They thrive on connecting with fellow Smiths fans and bringing them into the performance; “Once seen never forgotten!!”

The Joneses are evolving constantly, tapping into both the studio and live versions of the Smiths catalogue, merging those insights to create a hybrid at time raw version of the songs; very much like those performed by the Smiths in their short but tremendous career in live performance. As a band they listen to fellow Smiths fans to hear their thoughts and in time, respond with additions to our repertoire.


The Joneses gigs are a celebration of the Smiths music and the mood is infectious, resulting in the audience singing and dancing on mass, and at times joining the band on stage. These are special moments in a gig, bringing the Joneses and like-minded Smiths fans together.

 Email for bookings @  manchesterinthearea@gmail.com 

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