Christy Bio

I was originally born in Malton in 1993, a keen rock music enthusiast, gig goer and predominantly self-taught drummer.
I come from a broken home, my parents split in 1999 and I was raised mainly by my mum with 2 brothers in a council house. 
As you can imagine with three boys, a lot of noise and a lot of chaos was endured during my younger years. 
I have had a love of causing chaos on two wheels since the age of 5, I am an avid fan of mountain bikes, the bigger and more eccentric the wheels, the better. To this day, I still ride often with friends and love it. Not the lycra clad, upper class sort of cycling but the enjoyable chaotic DNA damaging type of cycling.  
I also enjoy tinkering with bikes, engines, electronics, building PC's and a bit of gaming, of course. 

My first inspiration for drumming came about in 2001 when my older brother was part of a brass band. He used very thick sticks and did some marching music too. I remember having a go on the vintage premier drum kit that he had at the time and enjoying myself a bit too much.

I grew up in a family who predominantly listened to rock music, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The Manic Street Preachers, Motorhead, Pearl Jam and some early Muse. My dad especially, born in the 50's, has an extensive collection of 45's which are a source of vintage musical gold. 
My mum was a massive fan of REM, I remember an orange casette tape being played in the car, every time she would take me somewhere I remember sitting in that kids chair and hearing the same REM songs over and over. 
Funnily enough, I can't listen to REM very often anymore without being sick of it. 

Having had that drilled into me for years, I decided to create my own taste in music. Around 2002, I discovered a 'hard trance' casette tape in my mums house. Brought in by her partner, who she had just met at the time. 
I loved it, from there I listened to a lot of different styles of electronic music, trance, euphoria, hard trance, drum and bass, the list goes on. 
It was just to be a phase however, as in 2007 my mum very kindly bought me my first ever drum kit on finance. It was a starter set of 'PP' drums, with some basic cymbals. 
I have fond memories of annoying my neighbours senseless with the same 4/4 rock beat every day after school. 
So from there on my primal and almost in-built taste in rock music started trickling back out. Starting with Muse and then moving through to the Fratellis and progressively getting heavier. I learned quite a few songs quite badly at the time. Let's say no more on that. 
Then came 2009, the year of the first band. 
Formed at Norton College Sixth Form down at a local Youth Centre, we were a covers band who wrote some originals. 
During my time in this band, a man known as 'Uncle Frank' or Frank Benbini from the band 'Fun lovin' criminals' came over from the states to spend a bit of time at the Youth Centre, helping us record and mentoring us a bit on our sound. None of us took it very seriously, so the band never improved much. 
This ended in 2011 when other members went to uni. 

In September 2013, I joined Access to music in York. 
Where, eventually I met Ellis Best. 
Initially I disliked Ellis, I saw him as a loud and cocky type of person who was into sport. Which was the opposite of myself. A calm and quiet person who wasn't into any sport, apart from eating. Which isn't a sport as such but it should be.  

Then Late night antics formed, a covers band comprising of a female vocalist/guitarist called Ruby, another guitarist, Henry and Bassist, Garth. 
We never wrote any originals, as Ruby often refused to contribute to practice sessions creatively. Henry was half there. Myself and Garth were the only ones who really craved originality. 
The band disbanded in late 2014. 

Along came Octopus in 2015, Garth asked me to drum for his new project with Ellis. Who at the time I was still indifferent towards. 
It didn't take long at all for Ellis to grow on me, it quickly became apparent he is a nice chap. 
Ellis is a very talented musician and we all worked together well. Garth was a challenging guy to work with, always negative and pessimistic. 
As soon as the band began to build traction after releasing an EP in 2017. Garth decided to announce a sudden departure to Canada. 
Octopus had one last gig before Garth went, so we arranged a practice. 
Garth never showed up, refused to come along. 
So me and Ellis practised together and boy were we surprised how well it worked with just two of us. 
So after that day, it was decided that we would continue as a two piece. 
After several pints at the pub, we came up with the name 'Freek' after I said 'life is a bit freaky at the moment' we decided to change the a to an e as an extra way of  breaking the ball and chain of the English language. 

To this day, myself and Ellis have continued to write music together and perform many gigs under this new name. Taking opportunities to grow our band from strength to strength. 

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