The WORLD's most authentic Happy Mondays tribute band, recapturing the vibrancy of the baggy, Madchester hedonistic nineties. The ultimate Tribute to the iconic Happy Mondays.

Appy Mundays is a band buzzing with a common love and respect for the Happy Mondays, so much so their attention to detail, far surpasses all expectations and has all hard core Mondays blown away with how much they sound and look like the original band.


A must see as they relive the story and providing a memorable experience, perfect for all kinds of events from private parties to outdoor festivals .

Appy Mundays - relives the spirit of the Mondays at their finest hour with their finest songs, concentrating predominantly on the Thrill, Pills and bellyache era of the Mondays with a couple of tracks from the later Shaun Ryder project Black Grape.


They promise to lift your mood and leave you exhilarated, animated, happy and glad you came along.

Set Includes:
Kinky Afro
Dennis and Lois
24 Hour Party People Loose Fit
Step On
Rev Black Grape
In The Name of the Father WFL
Bobs yer Uncle
Rave On
Gods Cop
Judge Fudge